I just closed the curtains in our bedroom and it made me sigh. Jax is seven months old today. He crawls, eats solid food (if you can call purees solid) and as of a few hours ago, wears size four diapers. Le sigh. Closing the curtains is just a reminder that today is almost over. Tomorrow he’ll be seven months and one day old.

Motherhood is funny that way. You rejoice in every new milestone. At the same time, you try┬áto figure out how to keep from becoming a basket case. I don’t think I would’ve ever thought I’d be “that mom.” Turns out, that’s every mom and there’s no escape. From the opening scenes of “Finding Nemo” to throw away a sock whose mate was lost during one of our stroller forays, there’s a tear to be shed for just about everything. It’s awful. Especially for a person who generally displays emotion by using sarcasm. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me.

We recently had our first adventure to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. Our first real family outing. So much fun and I loved every second of it. We watched the sea lions being fed, saw jellyfish, fed Jaxen sand, and watched birds dive bomb unsuspecting tourists. Probably from Washington. Totally worth the price of the membership we purchased to let Jax people watch for the day. *eye roll*

On Father’s Day, Jax was so excited to celebrate that he literally got up at the crack of dawn. Like a very exceptional wife who goes above and beyond, I got up with our little man so daddy could sleep in. Who has that much energy at five in the morning? Apparently, Jax takes after Scott. When morning nap time rolled around, I was all too glad to sack out in the recliner and soak in the snuggles, even if he is a blanket hog. Just like his father.

We spent the day in Salem, walking around the mall, window shopping in Best Buy and then ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I must truly love my husband because honestly, the food is awful. But I got exactly what I wanted for Mother’s Day, so I was more than happy to put aside the fact that their food has a salt content that could bring down a horse.

And I would love to blame their food for the awful stomach bug I’ve had this weekend, but that would be untrue. Sadly, I seem to have also passed it along to my son, who had three momentous smelling diapers in the same amount of hours. At least he could smile about it. Like his father.

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