A paid vacation day? Why thank you.

So for the Fourth of July, I had a glorious three day weekend. Scott did not. He had Saturday off and then was able to get done early on Sunday, for which I was extremely grateful. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the bbqing and I especially love the fireworks. I love the noise, the colors (Mandie on the other hand did not; not so much the colors because of course, she’s color blind, but the big booms sent her under her blankie on Scott’s lap until they were over; Melodie wanted to play).

On Saturday, we did manage to have a fairly productive day. We bought a new wireless printer (so I want to be able to print from the couch, don’t judge me), ran errands, broke our 16 year old neighbor’s truck window trying to get her keys out that she locked in ($108.00 later, her window has been repaired), and swam.

On Sunday, once Scott was home, we did a whole lot of nothing (SCORE!!). We swam in the pool, Scott napped, we barbecued with our neighbors (so so so much food; my pasta salad was a huge success! there wasn’t any left over), and stayed up way too late.

I’m still sore from Monday. I moved our entire living room, nook, and spare bedroom around. I decluttered, vacuumed, and cursed a little when I tripped over one of the dogs (which was a lot until I put peanut butter and an ice cube in their kongs). Once I put up the decorations that I want, I’ll post pictures. Until then, it’s a whole lot of peach walls (that’s right my living room walls are peach, they go right along with my ^&$#% white carpet). So glad it’s Friday again.

S & S

Our dinner! Pork ribs and chicken!
The cute carrot cake one of my neighbor's mothers made
Happy Fourth of July!
The Lloyd's 2nd 4th together

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