A Perfect Way to End the Week

So after a long, hot week (on Thursday it started creeping up to the triple digits; Friday was a high of 108 and Saturday was hot enough to melt your face off in a matter of seconds), Scott and I had to run some errands yesterday.
We gawked over and fell in love with all the puppies from Pets without Partners;┬átried to go to Verizon store but it shrank by half because they are doing some remodeling, so in my opinion, it’s a completely useless place until the remodel is finished; Scott got a new pair of board shorts from the No Fear store because they were on sale for super cheap and then he took me to Senor Rosas for lunch. I had never been there but earlier in the week, Scott mentioned they had really good dollar tacos. So we went and they were scrumptious. A little on the small side and the wait was a little long but only because I kid you not, they don’t season or cook the chicken until you order and it comes out perfectly. I appreciate the care they take in preparing their food and that I can eat there (they also have pulled pork and beef dollar tacos).
After lunch, we came home and jumped straight in the pool. It’s really the only way to live in Redding in the summer. Either you have a pool or you go to the lake a lot. I love spending time in the pool with Scott. It’s a great way to unwind, we get to chat with our neighbors, it’s right outside my front door, so it’s easy for me to check on the girls, and we get that much needed quality time together that we don’t get during the week. It’s hard to wait until Saturday to spend any real time with my husband, but it is so well worth it (especially when his wet hair dries into perfect ringlets).
S & S
The Deep End of the Pool
The Shallow End of the Pool
Enjoying his only day off
Hanging Out at the Pool

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