About to go screaming from the building…

It’s official: we need a vacation. And I’m not just talking a three day weekend. Shoot, Scott would welcome a two day weekend. I’m talking a no work, different city, eat out, get away vacation. Like to Never Neverland.

The days are beginning to drag and become repetitive. The amount of hang ups and cranky people I encounter at work has exploded exponentially; so much so, I’m thinking of getting another bottle of mace and keeping a bottle of Aleve in my drawer.

Scott was home before me yesterday, which rarely happens. I came in the door and he was napping with Mandie claiming her spot between his legs (I swear he and I are going to have the worst hips ever someday; both dogs insist on sleeping between our legs which makes us have to sleep in the craziest positions). It was nice to see him relaxing.

We do have a vacation planned in September which I’m really really looking forward to. I’d be even more excited if it were tomorrow but then again, I’d be excited if tomorrow were the longest Saturday ever too.

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