All About Us

If I knew when I was a young girl that I would be married with two children and a hardcore career, I would’ve told you that sounded about right. Except for the two children part. Despite not having a maternal bone in my body, I wanted a dozen babies (still do, just not the pregnancy part. Or the breastfeeding part. Or the poopy diaper part. Or the part where they grow up too fast. That part sucks the most).

In 2002, I met my husband when we were both juniors in high school. Over the course of the next seven years, there would be break ups, make ups, and lots of late night conversations because of a three hour time difference.

Then we got married. For the first two years, I had this ridiculous notion that I was going to be all things to all people. That ended very, very, very badly. Very. Thankfully, we were able to come out the other side with our marriage intact. After that, we added our first human baby to our family, Jaxen. Three and a half years later, Hunter arrives to complete our family. There will be no more babies. I need sleep.

We live on the Oregon Coast now, where sand pervades everything and it rarely gets above 65 degrees. This is the story of us, for all those who are too far away to experience it as often as they’d like (and for those who are near but think we’re nuts, we offer this safe viewing platform).