Are We There Yet?

Writing a blog post this far into pregnancy is probably not a good idea. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel and I’m surprised I can even remember where to put a period. After my last doctor’s appointment, I was put on restricted hours at work and mentally prepped for early labor. The cramping (or Braxton Hicks contractions if we wanted to get all technical) never stops. Monkey is head down and some other personal things that just mean my body is getting ready to give birth have happened. I had an ultrasound to confirm that Monkey was no longer breech and got to see the world’s most cutest pout. Not a happy camper but so cute to look at! (FYI, I caught Scott making the exact same pouty face the other day. Like father, like fetus)

Yesterday was filled with drinking copious amounts of water, laying on my left side, and downloading a contraction timer just in case. Melodie hasn’t been further than five feet from me for the past week or so and goes into full terrier panic mode if I’m not in the same spot she left me in when she went outside to do her business. It’s really quite adorable and kind of a source of amusement to watch her turn in circles and stomp her paws until she catches sight of me.

The nursery is finished. Well it needs some wall art, but that will probably have to wait until the grammies are here because I don’t have the ability to put anything on a wall that contributes to the aesthetics of a room. Except for a very large poster of Elvis in our living room but let’s face it; there isn’t anywhere you couldn’t put a very large poster of Elvis and the room wouldn’t be instantly 1000x better. The nursery does, however, have a glider in it, which is my new favorite piece of furniture. Probably because it’s the one piece of furniture that I don’t need assistance getting out of.

Scott and I attended our first birthing class. Because of work, he arrived late but it was very nice to have him there. Since he was late, though, he missed out on our hospital tour, which was interesting. The birthing suites are very large and have jetted tubs. There’s also a fridge at the nurses station with ice cream. Clearly, whomever created this Birthing Wing was a woman. We also get to have a celebration meal after Monkey is born complete with sparkling cider or champagne (I dream about mimosas). The birthing class itself had three other moms-to-be (of which I was the oldest by half a decade or more) and their support people. I actually really like the class and hope that monkey stays put so I can attend the other two sessions.

So, yeah, still in the waiting game. Five weeks to go (ideally). Just enough time to get another nap in.


Here’s looking at you kid…

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