Brother Bear

I am sitting on my bed writing this while Hunter sleeps next to me. He just sucked down almost three and a half ounces from his bottle and promptly let one rip when I laid him down on the bed. He gets it from his father and his brother. No one light a match; there is natural gas everywhere.

The past week has been kind of difficult, watching my babies grow up. Hunter is now five months old and Jaxen is three going on thirty. Jaxen comes up with the most grown up conversations and wants to talk to everyone. Hunter has discovered our food doesn’t come from a bottle and wants to desperately start solid food.

Hunter has been ahead of his brother on just about all of his milestones. He smiled and babbled extremely early on, started rolling at three months, and now at five months, has figured out scooting. For all the trouble I endured during my pregnancy with him, Hunter is such an amazing little boy. No one can make him belly laugh like his daddy or inspire movement like his brother. He cannot wait to be able to catch his puppies when they walk by, although if he stayed awake he would learn that Mandie is usually within centimeters of him, also sleeping.

Jaxen is an old soul. A very old soul. He gets people in a very scary way that no three year old really should. He is discovering the joys of physicality. I take part in many bouts of “gorilla fight” and “Hulk smash” (in his defense, I thought up hulk smash). You would think after living life with two older brothers, I would’ve been prepared for this. I am soooooooooooooo not. Even in his infancy, Hunter seems to enjoy the rough stuff. His dad will watch as both boys “wrestle” or dad chases Jaxen through the house while holding Hunter out in front of him. I am extremely grateful that dad participates in these things. Most of the time I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the boys find this fun. Again, in their defense, this may in part due to one of my brother’s breaking my leg during a WWE style wrestling match when I was five.

Honestly, there really isn’t anything I love more than watching my boys start to interact with each other. Without being told, Jaxen will take a book or his tablet and sit next to his brother, explaining everything that is going on in between dropping kisses on Hunter’s head. Hunter already has the look of adoration when he sees his brother down pat. They look for each other and make every attempt to be close to one another. In a few more months when Hunter is walking, I will practically be a zombie, too tired from chasing the Lloyd boys who never seem to walk.

Infant and Blonde Boy brother sitting together
Brother Time



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