Buying Stock in a Coal Mine…

I don’t generally love Christmas as much as everyone else does. I hate the crowds, the commercialism, the consumerism, the debt, the attitudes, it all sends me to a very unhappy place. I do enjoy the Salvation Army bell ringers, the Angel Tree, Christmas dinner, wrapping the dogs in Christmas blankies but most of the time it feels like the things I dislike are far more numerous than the things I like.

And then there’s Scott, who insists on being my Christmas brat. I have successfully trained the girls to stay away from the tree and presents; now if only I could do the same with him. Ever since our first presents arrived from his mother, it’s been a daily uphill battle with him. Every day he wants to open one and every day I tell him no. Then I put his Christmas presents under the tree and got “If I guess what this is, can I open it?” Really? Really? I married a four year old? Really? I thought about letting him open one tonight, but his stellar grumpiness yesterday squashed any hope of that happening.

I’ve thought about staying home today but I do have some last minute errands to run. I’m holding very tightly to my Chrismas joy and plan to be nose deep in Luke chapter 2 by the end of the day.


P.S. He may be a pain but he cleans up nice.
All dressed up for Johnny's. (That night you were supposed to wear green if you're single, yellow if it's complicated, and red if you're taken)

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