Did you know…

That in order for dogs to have dental work, like oh say, pulling a tooth, they have to have anesthesia? And that said surgery will cost way too much, making husband extremely upset? And in order to calm said husband, you must promise things you’ll never deliver on? Trust me on this one.

Mandie’s surgery went well, though, and she really seems to be feeling a lot better. She’s on two antibiotics (which I just remember I’ve only give her one today, quick pause…that did not go well at all. The second medicine is in liquid form in a syringe. I was squirting it on a piece of cheese, nice and slow, but there must have been an air bubble because it proceeded to go everywhere. She got about 90% of it but that stuff stinks!). Scott and I bought her some new stuffies to de-appendage at Costco yesterday, so she and Melodie have been taking turns stealing from each other. I keep telling myself this is just all part of responsible pet ownership and if we didn’t want the cost, we shouldn’t have brought her home (although, all day Friday she was Scott’s dog, because technically she is). However, we’re seriously rethinking our stand on children.

Scott giving Mandie her first pill, crushed up in peanut butter (old Lloyd family secret)
Nom nom nom, pill what pill?
Scott's free hand is used to keep Melodie from getting in on the action.
New stuffies to disembowel!
My stuffie!
Everyone gets their own stuffie.

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