Meet Me at the Fair

We went to the Shasta District fair last weekend with some good friends from our apartment complex. We ate junk food (funnel cakes are my jam), saw exhibits (I’m such a tourist sometimes), helped capture an escaped pig (who doesn’t notice something that weighs a couple hundred pounds just strolling about), got sneezed on by a sheep (animals really do love me), and watched some short track racing (a first!). There was even a rock wall that Scott had to try. I was super impressed when he almost made it all the way up to the top. Kind of wish I had tried it myself but then I remember I couldn’t even do a pull up in gym class.

It reminded me a lot of going to the Lenawee County fair growing up. My house was only about a mile away and every year when they opened the barns, you could hear and see the bats that flew out. There were quite a few nights when we sat on our back porch and listened to the concerts.

The mom of one of my very best friends was on the fair board and I remember her and I spending a lot of time there. There is something so quintessential about this small town activity. I bet if I were to go back today, I’d see the same buildings, the same events, probably even some of the same exhibits. There would be demolition derbies and tractor pulls and country singers on the stage.

Going to the fair with my high school sweetheart did not disappoint. I cannot wait for next year!

Man and woman at the fair
We are quite possibly the cutest couple ever.
Funnel cake from the fair
My all time favorite fair food!
Man eating a funnel cake at the fair
He’s REALLY into fair food…
Wooden sign made at fair
Our sign from the fair pretty much says it all
man climbing rock wall at fair
Showing off at…

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(updated 8/31/2017)

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One Reply to “Meet Me at the Fair”

  1. great pictures, thanks for not getting a tattoo, love dad tell scott hsi looks great some day soon I hope to visit you. found dancing turkey picture will send soon

    love dad

Tell me all about it stud.