Happy birthday Cory!

We finally have had some excitement in our lives!

Last weekend, we went out for our good friend Cory’s birthday. His wonderful girlfriend Amanda didn’t tell him any of the details, which included dinner at Kobe’s (Redding’s one and only Japanese bbq) and then a gathering of peeps at Johnny’s Cathouse (local bar/danceria). Those two are so much fun to hang out with and we were so glad to be there to help Cory celebrate.

This past Saturday, we took the bike out for the first time (I say we, but Scott drove and I sat on the back looking a bit like Rerun from the Peanuts comic). I had been dying to go up to Shasta Dam because the lake is at capacity and they’ve been letting water out. We stopped at a turnout that overlooks the dam and it was just beautiful. Exactly what was needed after a trip to H&R Block.


P.S. I caught the egg in my mouth for the first time ever!!

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