Ho hum…

Not a lot going on in the land of Lloyd lately. No pictures to speak of. We went and saw “The Expendables” yesterday. It was really really good (note: Scott pointed out that there were kids under the age of 13 with their parents in an R-rated movie that was listed as having graphic violence, which I think was an understatement; what in the world were these parents thinking?!?! also note: the said parent that brought these young ‘uns-dad). There could have been more Bruce Willis, though. We had lunch at In ‘n Out (for you people on the east side of the rockies, it’s the BEST burger joint EVER, and you should come visit us so we can prove it to you), which really makes a kickin’ grilled cheese. Oh and I asked them to double fry my fries for the first time; yeah I won’t be having them any other way now.

All in all, we’re just counting down the days til we fly to South Carolina for a very much needed vacay. Have a great week everyone!

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