Home, New Home

Slowly but surely we’re settling in to our new home here in Lincoln City. The kitchen is finished, the living room is getting there, and the bedrooms need a ton of work. I have managed to go grocery shopping by myself, so now we can stop eating out. The girls are enjoying finding sunny spots to nap in and rolling in real grass during potty times. We’re enjoying the cool breezes and our balcony, our first ever outdoor space. I’m also super excited about having washer and dryer hook ups. Like jump up and down, do a little dance excited. Once everything is a little tidier, I’ll post pictures. Here are some to tide you over.


Sunshine, on my Mandie, makes me happy...
My real dining area where we have eaten dinner every night, hallelujah!
Your typical apartment galley kitchen.
Our first meal in our new home!



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