It’s already July!

I can’t even believe it’s July already. Seems like just yesterday Scott and I were having Subway for our anniversary in May. Perhaps it’s the fact that Scott works six days a week or I always have a load of laundry I could be doing, but it just seems like time is flying by. We’re hoping Scott only has to work a half day on the fourth so we can spend some time together.

Saturdays are the only time we have to spend together, which has its pros and cons. Pros-it’s Saturday! Cons-we usually have a ton of stuff we can only get done on Saturday so that we hardly get to enjoy just being together. Although, last Saturday, we took our neighbor, Tom, and his twin daughters, Alexis and Mariah, to dinner for their 16th birthday. We love them and wanted to spend some time with them, so it was a quick trip to the mall for a birthday present and then to Applebee’s for dinner. Love love love Fiesta Lime Chicken.

Now it’s off to the vet for Melodie’s heartworm test and prevention refill. The joys of puppy parenthood. Have a great and super safe holiday!!

S & S

Happy birthday Alexis and Mariah!
Birthday dinner at Applebee's

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