Jaxen and the Dentist

I love going to the dentist. I have a hard time thinking of a feeling that is better than clean teeth. When I was younger, it got me out of school. Now, it allows me an entire hour where I can sit, do nothing, and walk away with a free toothbrush. In my mind, that’s a pretty good day. If you were to ask my husband how he feels about the dentist, though, I’m pretty sure you the earful you will receive of colorful language would include where the dentist can stick his instruments.

Jaxen has been seeing the dentist since he was a year old. It has not always gone swimmingly. Actually, it hasn’t ever gone swimmingly. So this time, I decided to bribe my kid and I have zero guilt about it. Especially since it worked.

In my defense, I promised a trip to the library. I mean, come on, is it really bribery if it’s educational? I submit that it is not.

Now in reality, I try to avoid the library because most of the time I owe fines. They can range anywhere from twenty cents to twenty-nine dollars and eighty nine cents. In fact, I’m convinced I am solely funding the entire public library system in our county. I may even still owe money to the library in Redding. Even when we go in just for story time, I feel like the librarians KNOW that I’m a literary delinquent and they’re judging me. This time was no different; however, it was very clear that the young librarian didn’t care in the least and was actually very grateful when I pointed out that she gave me incorrect change (I may be horrible at returning books but I am not a thief). Also, did you know that library cards can expire? I do now.


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