May I Interest You in a Pick-a-nick Basket?

When both your parents work but want to be involved in events your daycare puts on, you have a picnic on your daddy’s tailgate so you don’t have to miss it.

Blonde little boy and baby sitting in dad's lap having a picnic in back of truck
The Lloyd Boys
Little blonde boy has picnic in back of truck
Feel free to judge my son’s dinner…
Baby boy sitting in dad's lap during picnic
Happiness is sitting in daddy’s lap

After our picnic, we attended a literacy family night at the learning center. We were introduced to Barefoot books.¬†They have some great socially conscious topics, as well as book specific to life events. I purchased a book about a little boy who feels small because a new baby has arrived and he’s getting less attention and a book about the arctic tundra. If you like Usborne books, definitely take a look at these.



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