Oh the monotony

I just stood up to take my dinner dishes into the kitchen (yeah that’s right I ate dinner sitting in the recliner, so sue me) and spaghetti noodles fell to the floor off my boobs. Not sure what’s more sad, the fact that this is a daily occurrence or the fact that I didn’t even see the spaghetti noodles there. I’m done being pregnant today.

In other news, we’ve been experiencing quintessential Oregon Coast weather. Rain, high winds, more rain, a smidge of hail, followed by even more rain. It goes without saying that Mandie is not all that impressed with the weather we’re having and protests going outside by staging sit ins. She will sit in the doorway when it’s potty time and anything short of physically picking her up and putting her in the grass (only to have her beat you back up the stairs and in the door) will do. Considering I was outpaced by a granny with a walker the other day, we usually wait for Scott to come home before the ritual ensues.

Happy to announce that my bladder infection did clear up (because let’s face it, that’s why you’re here reading this to begin with. Inquiring minds wanted to know!). Now it’s a lot of third trimester exhaustion and smiling politely when people ask, for the 13950958726th time, how I’m feeling. Also, fyi, “gassy”, “homicidal” and/or “tired” are not acceptable answers. You must feel exhilarated and on top of the world at all times, or people will KNOW that you don’t love your baby.

Slowly but surely the nursery and other baby related areas of our lives have come together. Next week starts birthing classes and another doctor’s appointment. I’m in the go-every-two-weeks stage right now. As long as I don’t have pregnancy brain and forget to go. Our parents are making plans to come and be with us and seriously, that ranks up there on the excited meter with actually having this kid. I miss my mom and dad sooooooo much (it’s been two years since I’ve seen them) and can’t wait for them to meet their new grand baby. It will be wonderful to experience our first little one as Scott’s mom get’s to hold her first grand baby.

In the meantime, we dote on the fur kids, kissing the wonderful spot between their eyes and doling out belly rubs on command. We plan on being homebodies for the next seven weeks, which is fine with me, because extended periods of time in the car make me cry. If anything exciting happens, we’ll let you know. Until then, here’s your gratuitous Mandie picture.

This girl has no shame.


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