Sick week…

So what I thought was just the ickies has turned into a full on case of the flu, so I’ve been home this week, in this same recliner with this same blanket, snuggling with the girls. Scott brought me In ‘N Out’s Animal style fries (fries with special sauce and grilled onions on top) for Valentine’s Day and has managed to find him something to eat every night this week. I’ve found nourishment in chicken broth and toast but I could really go for onion rings and maybe chicken friend steak. Anywho, to top it all off it’s snowing here. Yes that’s right, it was in face in the high 70s last week and now it is snowing. And sticking. I managed to take a couple pictures before my lungs started to reject the cold air and I sounded emphysemic. Hope everyone else is in good health.


This is right outside our apartment.
The tree outside our aparment (I zoomed in to take the picture, so it's kind of fuzzy).

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