Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my Sunflower Seeds

I was supposed to start writing this post an hour ago. At nine, I was supposed to put down my phone and turn on my computer. Instead, I sat in my rocking chair, eating sunflower seeds, and scrolling through Facebook. And I don’t even really feel guilty about it.

Today was one of those days where I did a lot and feel like I got nothing accomplished. I picked the boys up from daycare, brought them home, fed them dinner, bathed Hunter, and laid down with Jax. I had every intention of placing my phone on the charger and getting to work doing some writing. The second I made the decision to sit down with my sunflower seeds, I lost almost all of my motivation.

Sunflower seeds are my food addiction. I have been known to polish off a couple pounds of them while reading. In fact, I can’t effectively read unless I’m eating sunflower seeds. I won’t remember a darn thing without them.

I’ve been eating them since I was a little girl. One of my aunt’s used to send or bring us Dakota Kid sunflower seeds every summer. To this day, they are my favorite brand. Big, thick seeds, toasted just right with very few bad, wormy seeds. Those are the worst. When you bite into one, I imagine it’s the flavor of charcoal.

In college, I would go to Winco and bulk them in bulk, three or four pounds at a time. Then I would sit on my bed and read until one of my roommates would come in and make a comment on the mess I was making. Salt and shell dust covered me and jagged pieces of shells caught in my bra, stabbing me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to lay down and had shells fall out of my shirt.

Now when I eat them, I bend over and shake out the top of my shirt while my husband rolls his eyes at me. During my pregnancy with Hunter, I sent him to the store on more than one occasion to pick up sunflower seeds for me. Between that and Dr. Pepper, I live a very balanced life.

I knew I shouldn’t have sat down with the sunflower seeds. The second I did, I knew that I was not getting up at nine to put my phone on the charger. I also knew that I obviously needed to decompress. Which is exactly what I did and I will probably do the same thing tomorrow. But not on Thursday. I will most likely be out of sunflower seeds on Thursday.

A bag of sunflower seeds
Not ashamed that my son caught my addiction in action. Or that he takes better pictures than I do.



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