Growing Up

Holy cow what a week. We’ve done everything from lower Jax’s crib to sending solid food to daycare for lunch. Wahhhhh! Make him stop growing.

Jax had his six month check up a month late. Whoops. He was 27 1/2 inches and 18 lbs 4 oz. Sigh. That’s quite a bit bigger than the 8 lbs 9 oz he was on November 22nd.

There isn’t a solid food that Jax hasn’t liked…until we tried chicken puree. Then it was arching of the back and mouth clamped shut and something that sounded like “mmmmmmhnnnnnnph” which I’ve taken to mean “nostopneveryucknotgonnahappen.” However, he doesn’t seem to mind when it’s already pureed with veggies. Some people’s children. We started sending Jax a “lunch” to daycare this week. How do I have a kid old enough to take lunch to school in a purple flower lunch box?

We had to lower Jax’s crib after he successfully did a half Gainer out of it. He’s fine but my life expectancy was cut in half. Mobility is going to kill me.

Scott has been working really hard on mandatory overtime as the Oregon Coast is going digital with Charter. He just finished a twelve¬† stint and will probably go to six 10 hour days starting at the end of the month. Jax has expressed his dislike for less time with daddy by shrieking at random times through out the day, usually when I’m holding him so he has the best access to my ear. Mother’s aren’t ignoring their children, they’ve been deafened by them.

We celebrated Jax’s first Fourth of July by buying him two new shirts and eating pizza. Fireworks are way passed our bedtime. Maybe next year. If I’ve lost my mind…

I started running again. Well sort of. If you can call running twice in the past month running again. I’ve totally missed it. Still getting the hang of taking the monkey with me. Shoot, I’m still getting the hang of taking him anywhere with me. I have yet to make it out the door without forgetting at least one thing. I put it in the win column that the one thing hasn’t been Jax. With my work schedule shifting to Monday through Friday so I can be home with Jaxen on the weekends, I’m hoping to be able to get a few more races under my belt. Bring on the brightly colored clothes and sore aching body parts.

That’s us lately. Other than the mountain of laundry and the hole in my bathroom wall that needs to be fixed, we’re pretty together for a change. Hahahahahaha, yeah no but really we’re surviving.


Blonde baby in blue and brown high chair eating
Peas and mashed potatoes. Sadly, he eats like his mother.
This sippy cup was dropped on the floor and then later found by Mandie’s crate. You do the math.
Time with daddy before he started day 12 of 12.
Happy 4th of July!

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