The Day has Finally Arrived…

We had pizza from Redding’s first (and so far only) Papa John’s. We have been anticipating this day for months. Scott has looked forward to the pepperoncinis and I’ve been craving the garlic butter. After the past couple of days we’ve had, we needed a treat, so after Scott picked me up from work and I changed clothes, off we ventured to Papa John’s.

We ordered two medium pizzas and since there was a twenty-five minute wait, we stopped into the mattress store across the way and fell in love with the Tempuredic mattresses (I kid you not, Scott was ready to trade me in for one). When we went back to pick up our pizzas, they weren’t done, so we sat and people watched (never disappointing in Redding). Ten minutes later, we were informed that one of the managers had sliced open his arm and bled on our pizza, so he was headed to go get stitches and a new pizza was headed into the oven. Fabulous.

Well, we did finally make it out with our pizza. Needless to say we are both stuffed and way way content, although, I have to say, not the greatest time to have given up pop.

S & S

The spoils of our plunder
Good eats
We have some too?? (look how big Melodie is!!)
Daddy you share??
Pizzas for me?? I a good girl.

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