The Lloyd Girls

It was one year ago this week that we brought home Mandie, our dachshund/lab mix. It was a Saturday and Scott and I had gone into Big Lots which is right next to Petsmart. When we came out, he asked if I wanted to go look at puppies because puppy looking is right up there with chocolate covered strawberries. So we went in and Mandie was actually asleep in her crate but Scott saw her and woke her up and promptly fell in love. He told me in no uncertain terms that we weren’t leaving without her. We did leave without her, but only to pick up somethings for her. When we came back, Mandie was sitting by the door in crate, just waiting for us. The adoption workers said she sat that like the entire time we were gone. When we got her out to the car, she hopped right in and when we got home, she hopped right up on the couch. She slept in her crate for about three nights and then Scott wanted her to sleep in our bed. I haven’t slept thru the night since. She is most certainly our baby.

Melodie started out as a foster named Alice. A smelly, scruffy, black and tan ball of fur who wasn’t potty trained and would eat anything. We had her for a week and then took her back for her adoption day. When I dropped her off in the pen with the other puppies, she screamed her head off. I could hear her walking out the doors of Petsmart. When I came back, fingers crossed she’d been adopted, there she¬†was curled up with two other puppies, sound asleep and my heart broke. Scott and I looked at the other dogs hoping that in the last half hour someone would take her home. I heard a bunch of noise behind me and when I turned to look, Melodie was leaping out of her pen and straight into my arms. I was shocked and she sighed and just laid in my arms. She became a Lloyd that day and we made it official the next week.

Our dogs have taught us so much about patience (so so so so much, I will never have another puppy again, only adult dogs) and they are spoiled rotten. I took a video of them with their Kongs, these rubber weird things that have a big hole in one end so you can stuff treats in them. I usually put peanut butter in the top and then shove and ice cube in, which keeps them busy for however long the ice cube lasts. It’s probably the cheapest treat known to man. Anything for our furkids.

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