Time After Time

The time has come for another week has come to an end. Tomorrow, the boys and I will accompany my parents to church, Jaxen will probably go home with them afterward, and I will attempt to take a nap. I will also attempt to finish laundry, sweep and mop my floors, pack the boys school bags, make dinner, and give Hunter a bath. I need at least four more hours in the day.

Scott reminds me often that there are only so many hours in the day to work. He then receives a punch to the throat for mansplaining. I’m not stupid. I know that I can only do my best. What isn’t accomplished will have to wait until tomorrow. I totally get that. However, when your career requires you work seven days a week, you have two little boys that need to be touching you at all times, a husband who has been forbidden to ask what’s for dinner ever again, and the desire to maintain your own interests, time becomes a juggling act while riding a unicycle on a high wire.

And heaven forbid any of those balls fall. It’s actually more dangerous for those around me when I find that one of those suckers has dropped and rolled under the couch. Doesn’t it know I’m trying to have a career? Doesn’t it get that I love my family? Does it even care? Do I even realize I’m talking about inanimate objects?

Clearly the answer is no. They are just brief situations in the grand scheme of things. In an attempt to put them back into the air, though, I’ve taken a few steps to get my shiz together:

  1. No electronics (other than my laptop for writing) after 9PM. At nine, I plug my phone in and leave it to charge in the living room. This has helped me a lot be able to fall asleep after I wake up with Hunter.
  2. The other day I was carrying three phones and one of them rang. I’m pretty sure when I answered, I did not use the correct greeting for that instance. In order to eliminate the need to carry as many phones as possible, I’ve given up my personal phone. If anyone still needs my new number, hit me up and I will determine your worthiness.
  3. Having babies is pretty much as creative as I can be. There really isn’t a creative bone in my body but I do like pretty things. I also love organization. Enter glam planning (yes I’m one of THOSE who puts the word glam in front of boring words). Check out my Instagram if you are in interested.

I don’t claim to have this whole working mom thing worked out. I’ve only been doing it for three and a half years. Maybe by the time my boys graduate, I will have it down.


Dark haired woman and baby boy smiling taking the time to nap
Sunday Nap Day


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