Time to Get Your Christmas On!

So even though I managed to be light years ahead of where I was last year for Christmas (as evidenced here), I’ve felt myself losing momentum. Until today. Today I came home to this:

Our tree was decorated before but now there are presents! And new super cool ornaments! And Scott put them there! My Scott. My Scrooge-Grinch-Bad Santa Christmas Grump Scott. The air is now full with sounds of Christmas carols and soon Christmas smells will be wafting thru the apartment. Some of the highlights are:

Ok so not an ornament but still an all time favorite. Will go nicely on the new ‘Stang, which we drive while wearing our “I (heart) Boobies” bracelets.

I looked everywhere for one of these to surprise Scott with and couldn’t find one. But Momma Lloyd could! (it’s a teenage mutant ninja turtles ornament)

And this little gem sits at the top of our tree. Guess it’s a good thing I haven’t found a topper I like yet.

So feliz navidad! Frohe weinachten! Merry Christmas! From Team Lloyd to all of you!! I have to go shake my box now.


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