Us Again

*blows dust off blog* Good grief has it really been two years since I’ve written about just the two of us (and Mandie and Melodie and Bubbles)? The amount of changes that have taken place since I last wrote here are staggering. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the obvious:

1) I’m pregnant. 32 weeks pregnant to be exact. 32 weeks with the newest member of Team Lloyd. Considering that I’m currently nursing a bladder infection and am so uncomfortable I could cry, we’ll leave it at that.

2) Scott is now working for Charter Communications. Unfortunately, his old company pulled out of Oregon; we, however, have definitely embraced Oregon as home and knew this is where we’re supposed to be. So after a few anxious months, we got the AWESOME AMAZING news that he’d hired on with Charter, which was great since…

3) I’m just received a promotion to Assistant General Manager at the hotel that I started working at almost two years ago. I went from part time Night Auditor, to full time Night Auditor to Front Desk Manager in six months and less than a year later, Assistant General Manager. I love my job. My boss is the best, my staff are genuine, hard workers who put our guests first and I get to have some amazing experiences.

4) We moved into a house. It’s a rental (we really like that when a pipe in the basement breaks, someone else pays to fix it) but it has a yard that allows me to stay inside when it’s raining and the girls need to go outside to pee. Currently, it’s in the process of being overrun by baby items.

5) The ‘Stang is no more. This would be a sad story, except that it was replaced on Valentine’s Day with my dream car, a Subaru (don’t judge). I have wanted a Subaru for years and when we found a newer one with low mileage used, we kind of pounced on it like Melodie on moths. I am a very happy mommy-to-be as I was not looking forward to someday taking a child in and out of the back seat of that two door behemoth.

6) There’s a new fur kid in the house, Moon Pie, the guinea pig; obtained when we thought we had lost our beloved Bubbles. Bubbles managed to escape from me outside and disappear into the thicket that surrounds our house. I cried. Scott brought home Moon Pie, a little grey guinea pig who’d been living out his existence in a cage with rabbits and had thus been brain washed into thinking he was a rabbit. Two days later (five days after the loss of Bubbles), my AWESOME FREAKING AMAZING husband showed up at my work with a box that contained…BUBBLES! He had heard him in the bushes, army crawled through them, and caught the little bugger. After a clean bill of health from the vet, he and Moon Pie were introduced. After some chittering and general hair pulling, the two have learned to coexist.

I feel like there’s so much I’m leaving out. A lot happens in two years. My best friend gave birth to twin girls who Scott and I adore. Both of our parents have moved and moved and moved again. And we’re having a baby. Doesn’t seem like it’s possible that in eight weeks, we’ll be bringing home our first kid sans fur. I, of course, am the nervous wreck about it. Scott is already in daddy mode and is pretty much going to win parent of the year at some point.

We’re doing well, I’m proud to say. Being 3000 miles from family is no picnic but we’re together and happy and healthy (for the most part). Wouldn’t have it any other way.


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