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So back in the day (two years ago), I embraced my inner thespian and started a YouTube channel. There’s something about knowing that people stop to watch me that I love. I realize that doesn’t sound humble or whatever I’m supposed to be but it’s so true.

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I love performing. That’s why I have a blog. Displaying my writing for others to read is a performance. When I was in high school, I loved being on stage. I dabbled a little in college but for some reason, it wasn’t as fun. It felt way more forced. Now I embrace anytime I can be in front of people. Hence, the YouTube channel.

This is my first video is two years and it’s not the best quality (laptop camera = bad) but it has killer graphics and music (thank you awesome editorĀ Kate). I would love any feedback and positive vibes are always welcome.

Well, what did you think? I’d really appreciate it if you hopped over to my channel and hit the subscribe button. Also, let me know what you would like to see in future videos. Thanks for watching!

PS Last shameless plug: We currently sit at ninety-nine page likes on Facebook. Would you be so kind to scoot on over there and push us over the 100 like hill please?

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