We Go Together Like Mac & Cheese

Scott is home. I can’t tell you how much those three little words mean to me. Our girls are happy, I’m happy, heck even Bubbles is happy to have someone else to wheek at.

Melodie helping momma change sheets.

Since Scott wasn’t home for our actual anniversary, I planned out a day trip to Chico. We got up and hit up our local Farmer’s Market before hitting I-5 South.

The Driver
The Passenger (and her crazy hair)

We hit up the Harley store for Scott’s anniversary present (a new shirt, just what he needed I know), went downtown and browsed through some stores, even went to the Farmer’s Market there and then went to the mall, where I wandered aimlessly around Forever 21. We had a late lunch at Hula’s Mongolian BBQ, my favorite restaurant ever. When I worked at the mall, which is across the street, my dad used to come into town and we’d have lunch together there.

Team Lloyd 2.0 (I was totally have bra issues all day, sorry!)

One of my wonderful coworkers took care of the girls, so we didn’t have to worry about racing home to let them out. It allowed us to have a nice leisurely day. We treated ourselves, something we rarely do, and were able to spend real quality time together. Such a good day.

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