We live!!

Well I hate to admit it but the only reason I haven’t posted in a while is because we’re really that boring. My days were pretty stale with Scott gone and now that he’s home all of our free time is consumed with preparing for our first big family adventure: moving. Across state lines.

That’s right, in less than 2 weeks, Team Lloyd CA will become Team Lloyd OR as we make our first major move to Lincoln City, Oregon. Scott’s job wants him up there and we decided that we’re in a good place to make a move. I will be without a job when we get up there, so it will be back to the drawing board on that respect; but we’re very excited and even though the girls don’t know what to make of all the boxes, they’re excited too. Bubbles could care less as long as he has hay and gets a daily pat on the head.

Besides the move, the most exciting thing we’ve done is participate in the wedding of our good friend’s Ray and Torri. They, like us, have known each other since high school but were only able to get together about a year ago and on this past Saturday were married at a beautiful ceremony on the lake. Scott was a groomsmen and I had a title I will not share because it wasn’t entirely family friendly, but needless to say it amounted to me being at the bride’s beck and call. We’ll be having dinner tonight with them, the first time as married couples. Our words of wisdom?? Buy a dog.

So here are some pictures from the ceremony. I thought they turned out pretty well considering I was in the very back of the ceremony site and all I had was my point and shoot.


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About to become Mr. and Mrs.
The best looking groomsman.

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