You’re killing me Smalls…

Things have been pretty decent lately. New furniture, steady work, bills are paid, savings account is growing (little by agonizing little), and we have our fur kids to round out our little family. However, I camethisclose to sending Mandie and Melodie back to Pets Without Partners (which we would never do, so I don’t want anyone calling the doggy police)¬†after a trip to the vets office for flea and tick repellent for the latter, resulted in us scheduling the former’s tooth surgery. Said dollar sign with legs has stretched out her one and half foot long body next to me with her head in my lap and her freshly grinded nails off my couch (thank you Petsmart for early appointments on a Sunday). Anywho, August 20th, Mandie goes under the knife to have a tooth that she cracked removed. Later, I’ll be selling bodily organs to take Melodie to the groomer (just kidding-to either mom who might read this, we’re fine, that was just sarcasm).

So, since we’ve been relatively boring lately (just sitting around and counting down the days to September 21st!!), I thought I’d post some pictures of the girls, since, well really, who doesn’t love those furry, money pits??

Stalking the curtain monster
I know youz there!
Holdz still daddyz! Youz has sumfin on your faz.
Youz makez a good pillow.

S & S

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